Thursday, October 25, 2012

a series of unfortunate events

Hello everyone! Miss me?
First let me apologize for being absent for a few months. My life has been pretty much flipped upside down and I have finally righted myself.

I suppose I should start with the more recent but very major event, about a month ago my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. This could be described as a literal round house kick to the face for the family. Its been a bit rough but there is a bit of a light at the end of the tunnel. He has decided to go with a procedure that would require implanting gold seeds in his prostate and long story short he must endure some pretty intense bombardments of radiation. Luckily this has been caught early enough and his success rate is at about 93%. The wound is still pretty raw on this subject but its somewhat pulling the family a bit closer. I'll attempt to keep you all up to date on his status as he progress'.

Another "major" event was the loss of my internet about 3 months ago. Though it could be seen as a lesser problem it still set me into a "depressed" sort of state. You never quite grasp the idea of things you use everyday that have become a natural part of your every day to day routines. Thankfully after battling thru some low points money wise we have managed to bring it back in a way.

A lesser event was the loss of our digital camera. Again a necessary casualty when faced with money issues (along with my x-box...). A simple solution for the time being is to upgrade my phone and or borrow my nieces expensive camera for a few photo sessions.

Then of course there is illness. The worst kind of illness... the summer illness.

Also working full time makes it difficult to get things finished.

So after this post you should hopefully see more progress from me. I will try my hardest to get photos up and to finish my damn commissions.
Thank you to all who have been following, your going to be happy with me soon.

+++Kevin a.k.a. Mr.Malevolent+++