Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Adepticon here I come Part 1

It's finally here.
And boy was last week a pain.
On Saturday April 13th, my wife and I lost an amazing family member.
Debrah Brose, aunt to my wife, had tragically passed.
May she rest in peace.
So amongst the craziness of the past week  I will officially be leaving for Adepticon this Friday!
I do not look forward to waking up at four in the morning for the nine hour drive.
To make up for a week of no pics I'm throwing up a few pics of the Carcharodons as it stands.

Librarian Cruviel and the Obliterators

The Obliterators Drop Pod

The Devourers of Tranquility

Tranquility LasPlas Razorback

The Red Bretheren

Red Bretheren LasPlas Razorback

Dreadnought Nikon "The Ancient"

The army so far...

The only missing pics are of the three "Corpse Takers" a.k.a. Sanguinary Priests and the objective.
+++Added the final pic. You can just make out the objective marker and the Corpse Takers. I'll put up closer pics later+++
Am I happy with them?
Meh. Could be better honestly.
But thats what happens when your rushed because of bad planning and family tragedy....
Once I get caught up on commissions work when I get back and while I work on my Sisters of Battle (Sisters of the Brazen Rose) I might go back over them.
Anyways hope you enjoy.
I'll have more tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


From a friend at Sippin' On Paint.....

Easter Basket Giveaway

Spring has sprung in my neck of the woods, and that oh so joyous holiday of Easter is fast approaching. To celebrate I thought I would share an Easter basket with one of my lucky followers, but this is no ordinary Easter basket, this basket will be filled not only with normal items of chocolate bunnies, pastel colored eggs and jelly beans, but with all sorts of mini goodies.

Imagine less eggs, and more things you might
actually want.

You must be a follower of Sippin' On Paint Water by April 8, 2012.
You must leave a comment on this post, 'Easter Basket Giveaway'.
If you win you will have to disclose your address, The Easter Bunny may 
know where you live but I don't.

There you have it, very simple, I hope the promises of chocolate and minis is enough to lure you into following. The winner will be announced on Easter Sunday, and hopefully I'll have the basket in the mail the next day. I'll even throw out a bonus way to get your name in the drawing twice, reblog this and I'll see to it that you get a second chance at the prize, want a third chance? Then email me a pic of a mini you have painted like an Easter egg or an Easter egg that you have painted like a mini, IE a Space Marine egg. Just send the email to: cbhollowell at AIM dot COM. If I receive enough submitted  images I may make a special post to showcase them in all their pastel glory, good luck and happy Easter, thanks for reading and stay thirsty.

Link to Sippin' on Water

Monday, April 2, 2012

Desktop shot of the week 04/2/12


Yeah its a bit of a mess.....
Hello everyone!

I was inspired by Ron from FTW and decided to start updating every Monday with a "Desktop Shot of the Week"(if time allows me to).
As you can see I have A LOT of things on the desk.
Theres my Grey Knight Terminator, a converted Skaven Warlord, the 25th anniversary Crimson Fist, a few Deathwing Terminators, an old Chaos Lord re-do (more on him later) and of course my Carcharodons.
Adepticon is approaching way too fast and I'm on full throttle getting my Sharks done as fast as possible (while maintaining good quality as always).
I have to say though that my airbrush is a god send.
Hands down one of the best tools I've ever used.
It doesn't do everything but it sure helps when you need to lay down some layers as fast and efficiently as possible.
I'm also waiting on the Razorback kit from Chapter House (about 2 weeks now).
I just realized I have yet to build an objective......
.....and I haven't even started on the bikes.
Maybe I'll just buy a Baal Predator and magnetize the weapons.
Anyways, thanks for looking.
More updates to come later in the week!