Monday, February 27, 2012

Some things I've been working on.....

Figured a new post would be better then adding to the recent wall of text haha.
To further endorse the awesomeness of my wife....
She bought me this for Valentines Day, the Display Imperial Space Marine from ForgeWorld shown below.
+++Yeah hes a big 'un.+++

Now I've been wanting one of these for a LONG time (15 years to be exact) and of course now that I have one, I have no idea what to paint him.
I thought about maybe painting him in Carcharodon colors although my version would be a mix of the Rogue Trader scheme with the new scheme. I figured Grey armour with black pads and white faceplates was a bit boring. Throw in the Rogue Trader red stripe down the helmet and you've got something!
I also thought about painting him as a Crimson Fist.
Always been a fan of the Crimson Fists and have been thinking of starting a Crimson Fist army which leads to my next new model....
Today I received my "Limited Edition" 25th Anniversary Rogue Trader Crimson Fist Captain. *phew*

+++In all his awesome glory!+++ 

Now with this model I was very skeptical to buy it at first.
I haven't had the best of luck with Finecast lately and dropping $50 with express shipping on something they haven't perfected in producing seemed too much of a risk. However I am glad I bought it.
He's pretty much the most perfect model I have bought from GW in a long time.
I decided to get my full moneys worth out of him and magnetized him so he can be displayed with display base OR be used in an up and coming Crimson Fist army :]

+++The magnets in the base.+++

+++On his gaming base.+++

+++Showing the magnets in his feet.+++
Then we have the progress on my Carcharodons for the Team Tourney of Adepticon 2012, GO WARDENS!!!! (thats my group, The Wardens)
They were so fun to put together. Buying the ForgeWorld Marks of armour was well worth it. They give you so much diversity over the statically plain Tactical Marines kit.
I basically just went nuts on mixing and matching Mk.'s and adding in Death Company bits and some random Assault Marine bits (even some Terminator bits). I feel like I'll be ordering a lot more of these when I get back from the belated honeymoon!
+++Squad 1+++
+++Squad 2+++
+++Squad 3+++
+++Then the Librarian (my favorite)+++

+++And a Chaplain! +++

So there you have it.
One big update after another.
Lots of work to do, and so little time to do it.
April is approaching very fast....
Enjoy and let me know how you feel about anything!


The "belated" honeymoon

So finally after almost a year and a half of marriage, the wife and I are going on our belated honeymoon and to where else but the most magical place on earth.... DisneyWorld!
I gotta say I am super excited.
So excited I feel like I did when I was a kid the night before Christmas!
I used to go to DisneyWorld a lot when I was a small lad and many of the things I know and love have changed so I feel as though, like my wife, I am going into this with fresh eyes.
Hell the last time I was there they were just beginning to build the Animal Kingdom.
The tree of life or whatever its called was just a stump base.
So many things have changed and I'm so excited to be able to take it all in with my wife who has never been there or even on a plane for that matter!
I cannot wait to go on the recently renovated Star-Tours as well!!!!
Of course I can't wait to get back on my all time favorite ride, The Haunted Mansion!
Now officially we are packed except of course for my crap....
I know I procrastinate.....
In preparation for the flight and wonderful mornings on our patio, we bought ourselves a pair of Nooks the other day.
I had been planning on going completely digital with my books and this seemed like a good time to jump in and go for it.
I have to say I like the Nook way better then the I-Pad.
For the price of the lowest I-Pad I bought two Nooks, 2 Nook-book covers, and 2 warranty plans that cover anything and everything, even water damage (especially good when your about to travel).
I decided to stock my Nook with a ton of reading material, from the Walking Dead Vol.1 to all the Iron Warrior novels/short stories (I've been on an Iron Warrior kick lately, maybe its because the 6th edition Chaos Codex is slowly coming).
Then out of nowhere today my wife decides to go out and just buy me a Playstation Vita.
Never in a million years would I have seen that coming.
Gotta say I love her so much!
I leave this Thursday and I won't be back for a complete week.
I definitely need to get away from everything.
I've been a bit angry/slightly depressed since one of my commission projects flopped or more so blew up in my face, in a very bad way.
Long story short..... every client needs a contract from now on.
So I can cover my ass in case a project may take longer then anticipated.
Other then that annoying distraction the projects keep rolling in.
Still have to finish the Lysander Raven Guard model...
Begin work on a Goff Ork warband...
Finish my Carcharodons for Adepticon....
And begin working on a small Raven Guard project....
Just gotta keep rolling along I suppose.
I should have progress pics of my Carcharodons after I return (hopefully started on painting as well).
I have all my troops assembled, along with the Razorbacks (except for the turrets).
I'm just missing a drop pod, a unit of 4 Scout Bikers and a nice Simple Green bath for my Dreadnought.
I'll also be writing a review on some Secret Weapon bases I bought specifically for my Carcharodons so keep your eyes peeled after the 7th.
Hopefully this time with the wife away from the real world for a week should put me back in the mood to work.
See you all after the 7th of March!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Holy crap.
It's already Valentines Day.....
Well I've been keeping busy.
At about 85-90% complete on that Ogre Commission.
What a project that has been.
Between me getting sick constantly and a change in painting techniques this has been a real trial by fire for me.
There was a time during this that I had almost said "I'm done with commissions, this isn't for me"
Well, I dashed that ideas head repeatedly against a stone wall till it died.
Being my first commission its going to be hard, I've never done anything like it before.
I came to the realization that I have to just suck it up and keep forging ahead.

I was originally hand painting the skin and it came out... ok....actually it was hideous.
Just way too harsh for skin.
So I decided to jump into airbrushing and see where that would take me.
BAM! The skin looks firkin' amazing, a bit lighter then I had wanted but by the gods does it look good.
Plus it should darken a bit when I hit them with some Purity Seal.

I'm also working on a single Raven Guard Terminator Captain for another customer.
Just a simple black with some changes to veteran colors from white to red.
Should have that knocked out by the end of this week as well.
Expect some pictures of both when I finish them.

Finally on the commission front I have in-coming a commission to paint the contents of the Assault on Black Reach Ork set.
Should be an easy job to knock out before I head to Illinois for Adepticon.
The color scheme is basically Goffs clan, so black and white.
Simple and easy.

Work on the Carcharodons has slowly begun.
Once I have the Ogre commission complete and shipped out I'll begin to assemble the ForgeWorld pieces I have and build the army.
All I have left to buy is a Drop Pod, some assault arms, Las/Plas Turrets for Razrobacks and maybe a Land Raider if I can reasonably fit it into my list.

On that note I bid you a farewell and hope you have an awesome Valentines Day.