Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lets try this again.

Greetings fellow hobbyists!
I'd like to keep this short and to the point.
After much review and real life shenanigans I decided to start this blog over. And after some "soul searching" hobby wise I have also decided to go back to why I started the hobby in the first place... Chaos. I'm going for one of the big Legions.
Either Black Legion or Iron Warriors, I haven't fully decided.
I'm leaning more towards Iron Warriors as I am in the middle of re-reading "Storm of Iron" for the 100th time haha. Plus I have a very sweet metallic recipe I'm going to use that I found on Fromthewarp, which is an invaluable site for resources.
Not only am I going to be working on that I also have to finish a 1,000 point Carcharodon Astra (Space Sharks) army for Adepticon. I was accepted into a group to play in the team tourney. Our theme is Badab War space marines, 2 Loyalist and 2 Secessionists. This should be fun.
Till next time, keep your bolters clean and keep reciting the Imperial mantra.
I now leave you with my favorite Innerpartysystem song.
If the rumors are true they have officially broken up and I am a very sad panda now...


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