Sunday, November 27, 2011

Small "sick" update

So it seems I have contracted the Walker virus...
...or Nurgles Rot I can never tell.

I am definitely hurting and have been laid low, severely.
I mean its pretty bad, whole body aches/shivers, fever and raw throat just to name a few. But amongst this most horrible of news I have finally gotten my first commission! If I wasn't so sick I would jump up for joy and squeal like a little school girl. It always seems like the thing you want the most pops up right when your at your lowest so to speak...

No it is to paint an Ogre Kingdoms army (pretty much my favorite Fantasy army, I can't get enough of the fatties :P), roughly 30 foot slogging Ogres (variable units and equipment), some Mournfang and a few beastly plastic kits that I have been biting the bit to get my hands on!!!
Its definitely good timing as I have been slaving away at painting my own brand new Ogres army and I have perfected a very nice simple flesh color. I've been knocking around the idea of airbrushing the base coat of the flesh and maybe even the first washing to speed it up. I definitely HATE base coating flesh especially over a Black undercoat and I need to speed this process up ten fold (not that I will not pour my blood, sweat and tears into this project, I just want to get it to him before the chaotic anarchy that is Christmas hits. Christmas is always a pain but I like that it is coming soon to get my into a fast/organized/groove if this commission thing works out.

Now to finish this I will post up a collage I did of the first 3 Ogres (out of a unit of 9, soon to be a lot larger in the near future) I have painted for myself and I am quite happy with. So please enjoy and let me know what you think.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my stuff and to read my flu induced ranting.
Please excuse me while I moan in pain while watching the encore of the mid season finale of Walking Dead, then Talking Dead, THEN downing a nice dose of NyQuil....


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