Sunday, March 25, 2012

Making progress

Hey guys and gals.

A small painting update on the Carcharodons.
Basically finished one Marine and the Librarian.
While I was waiting for the wash to dry the Assault Marine I decided to build an Apothecary.
So thats another one to add to the list haha.
I've got fourteen more Assault Marines, an Apothecary, two Razorbacks, a Drop Pod, and a squad of Bikers to finish before Mid-April (the group deadline for pictures).
I'm on a roll right now painting wise, so I should be getting them done fast.
I'm also back to working on my Grey Knights so expect some pics of them soon as well.
Anyways onto the pics I promised....

+++The Libby finished+++

+++Assault Marine 1 finished+++

+++Assault Marine 2 W.I.P.+++

+++Apothecary W.I.P.+++

Hope you all enjoy!
I'll have more as soon as I finish them.



  1. Awesome work so far. Its great to see a Carcharodons army. The Grey colour scheme and dark bases make them look real moody! I like the weathering on the Librarian aswell and you've done a great job with the OSL on the eyes.

    1. Thank you!
      Glad you like them.
      Theres plenty more to come!!!

    2. I like the OSL on the Libby, but the glow seems so strong around his eyes. I wonder if something a bit more subtle might do the trick?

      Ron, FTW

    3. Thanks Ron!
      Yeah I'm still working out the kinks on my OSL technique.
      I may yet do a bit of blending around the edges to lessen the harshness.