Monday, April 2, 2012

Desktop shot of the week 04/2/12


Yeah its a bit of a mess.....
Hello everyone!

I was inspired by Ron from FTW and decided to start updating every Monday with a "Desktop Shot of the Week"(if time allows me to).
As you can see I have A LOT of things on the desk.
Theres my Grey Knight Terminator, a converted Skaven Warlord, the 25th anniversary Crimson Fist, a few Deathwing Terminators, an old Chaos Lord re-do (more on him later) and of course my Carcharodons.
Adepticon is approaching way too fast and I'm on full throttle getting my Sharks done as fast as possible (while maintaining good quality as always).
I have to say though that my airbrush is a god send.
Hands down one of the best tools I've ever used.
It doesn't do everything but it sure helps when you need to lay down some layers as fast and efficiently as possible.
I'm also waiting on the Razorback kit from Chapter House (about 2 weeks now).
I just realized I have yet to build an objective......
.....and I haven't even started on the bikes.
Maybe I'll just buy a Baal Predator and magnetize the weapons.
Anyways, thanks for looking.
More updates to come later in the week!


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