Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Adepticon here I come Part 1

It's finally here.
And boy was last week a pain.
On Saturday April 13th, my wife and I lost an amazing family member.
Debrah Brose, aunt to my wife, had tragically passed.
May she rest in peace.
So amongst the craziness of the past week  I will officially be leaving for Adepticon this Friday!
I do not look forward to waking up at four in the morning for the nine hour drive.
To make up for a week of no pics I'm throwing up a few pics of the Carcharodons as it stands.

Librarian Cruviel and the Obliterators

The Obliterators Drop Pod

The Devourers of Tranquility

Tranquility LasPlas Razorback

The Red Bretheren

Red Bretheren LasPlas Razorback

Dreadnought Nikon "The Ancient"

The army so far...

The only missing pics are of the three "Corpse Takers" a.k.a. Sanguinary Priests and the objective.
+++Added the final pic. You can just make out the objective marker and the Corpse Takers. I'll put up closer pics later+++
Am I happy with them?
Meh. Could be better honestly.
But thats what happens when your rushed because of bad planning and family tragedy....
Once I get caught up on commissions work when I get back and while I work on my Sisters of Battle (Sisters of the Brazen Rose) I might go back over them.
Anyways hope you enjoy.
I'll have more tomorrow.