Friday, June 8, 2012

On the Warpath!

Hey guys and gals!
I'm going to "quick-review" a new game and one of its miniatures today!
The game is Warpath, a 28mm(?) science-fiction table top game complete with FREE rules and army lists developed by Mantic Games.

Taking a bit of a break today from commission work (painting a horde of Orks can make you a bit crazy from time to time) so I had just finished one of my fifteen ForgeFathers! What a great feeling of liberation when you tackle a miniature that allows you to explore and just go with your instinct on color selections. Now if you haven't heard of the game and or played it yet I highly suggest you do. They are hot on the heels of GW and have a wide selection of miniatures to choose from (check out their Kings of War game for some Fantasy love). If your concerned about prices and starting a new game let me just say this... they are a HELLUVA  lot cheaper then GW! If your an Imperial Guard player I would check out their Corporation models as they look very close to Elysian Drop Troops and are again, much cheaper then a box set of Cadians and yet include more models!

So I grabbed their starter set the Fate of the Forgestar back in March, right after I had returned from my vacation at Disney World and boy was I impressed. For $75.00 you get 61 miniatures (more then AoBR by far)! And what miniatures they are! The amount of detail in the kits was really nice, especially for a younger company like Mantic. Though there isn't much variation in the ForgeFather poses I still enjoyed the kits very much (though the Marauder/Orc kit is FULL of extra bits and bobs to customize but more on them in another post for a later date). Remember, this is a new game (roughly 6 months old by now) and the company has only been around for maybe 2-3 years. 

I've gotta say, I absolutely love the helmeted heads of the ForgeFathers. Some of the ForgeFathers head options were a little too Fantasy for my tastes and so I used all the helmets for the head options (other then one "commander" model).

He can take him....

As you can see they are definitely Space Dwarfs! It was just so fun to paint something so much smaller then what I am used to with the GW standard. For being so small they pack quite a bit of detail. Now as you can see the bases are a different size and are actually a type of indentation. What I mean is the base itself has a round indent which you glue the miniature to, as all the miniatures have a small piece of the  base they are attached to. This could create a problem if you were to try and use the Corporation models I mentioned earlier as your Elysian Drop Troops, though if you were careful I bet you could cut off the small base and slap them on a GW base no problem.

The game itself is one built on simplicity, which is definitely not a bad thing in this case. Usually when developers like to simplify rules it ends up being a disaster and or making the game bland (5th Edition 40k I'm looking at you). However Alessio Cavatore (lead rules designer) has developed this rule set with such ease without becoming terribly boring. The premise (for now) is simple, destroy your opponent. Your still moving with your ruler , your still rolling dice but its so self contained that after a turn or two you don't even need to keep checking the rulebook. One major difference in this gaming system from 40k is the idea that this game is about the units. There is no crazy uber - Librarian running around pounding the enemy with his OP psychic powers all by himself and then hiding in a unit when the enemy is in charge range. The focus is all on the units and its very refreshing. I'll be writing a battle report very soon just using the contents of the starter set. 
Let me know how you all feel about my first Space Dwa..... I mean ForgeFather. Thank you for looking and C&C is always welcome.

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