Sunday, July 1, 2012

Something Heretical and something ancient

Hello fellow bloggers!

Commission Update: I FINALLY finished the Goff Ork commission. Now onto the Raven Guard commission.

Now for something with a bit of Heresy.
I took over the reins of a motivational thread on Bolter and Chainsword for a "Tale of 20 gamers, a galaxy asunder". Its basically a motivational thread for the 18 Astartes Legions, the Adeptus Custodes and the Sisters of Silence. I chose my favorite Legion, the Emperor's Children.
Basically at the end of every month each person who chooses a Legion/ Imperial Force is to submit a painted 5 man squad or something equivalent (Contemptors, Primarchs, 10 man squads etc.) The idea being, every member shows their work in progress pics as they move along, which helps motivate others to work and finish their projects. Its all positive and I love it.
Here are some pics of my EC so far.

The beginnings of Squad 1

Vet Sergeant

Converted Flamer bearer

And now for something completely different.
While I have my Emperor's Children I wanted to have another army that I can actually play and play often. Enter the Necrons! I won't go into the whole 6th Edition FAQ and the now super-Necrons debacle I'll just say, I'm glad I chose them to be my primary army. If you're wondering about the Sisters, I'm still interested in them but for now their on the far back burner (sorry girls).

The beginnings of my Warriors

So you'll notice the absence of green rods on the Gauss Flayers.
Yeah I'm not a fan and want to with the inclusion of gardening wire and some good lighting effects, to give them the impression of electricity/arc. I've got 17 more Warriors to "convert", a squad of possibly Deathmarks (if I read right, a roll of 6 to hit/wound lets you choose the target to take the wound with snipers, YAY), an Annhilation Barge and a Ghost Ark.
I'm thinking of either going with a weathered silver and blue electricty or the Kepahk scheme. Decisions...decisions....
Thanks for looking!