Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Balls! Balls! and more Balls!

WARNING: Don't be thrown off by the title of this post.
I'm just a HUGE Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson fan (plus Geoff is my hero) and couldn't think of another title...
Anyways, just a bit of randomness and a small update on the Frost Ogres today.

                                              Heres a crappy pic from my phone for you to enjoy!

I've been trudging away at the Frost Ogres commission and man, quite a project it is! I have never held and or seen the Mournfang Cavalry models and dear lord are they IMMENSE! I was completely thrown off when I opened the shipment box a few days ago and held what is in my opinion the largest "cavalry" in the Warhammer game. There was that and just how immensely detailed the Stonehorn kit is. I'm super excited to paint that beast.
I hit a wall so to speak wash wise. I don't know if its the wash itself or the brush I am using to apply it but man is my Asurmen Blue wash going crazy on the first batch of Ironguts. Its just being a complete pain in my ass. It refuses to settle in the recesses or give me a nice even coat over the P3 blue to tone the hue down. I'm working on the first rank of 5 Ironguts and its just fighting me the whole way. Although I am making it work, not much else I can do but maybe ask my wonderful wife to "buy" me a new pot of wash and a large brush.
I'm also considering e-mailing my client and giving the grim news that I may not have this project done by the end of December. Mainly because I refuse to "hurry it up" and or rush to return to him an inferior product. He paid me to do my best at painting his army and damnit I will deliver on that, even if it takes me a week or two more then I originally planned.


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