Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Frost Ogre Update

I finished the first 5 Ironguts in the "horde" Irongut unit of 15.

The front rank.

Individual shots of front rank (Crusher and Bellower)

More shots of front rank (Standard Bearer and rank and file goons)

So there you have it. One completed rank of 5. It still blows my mind that this unit will be a "horde" in-game. I would not want to meet that on the battlefield thats for sure. Besides this unit I have been chipping away at the Tyrant and the 2 Butchers (the Tyrant in particular was a lot of work thanks to Failcast).
Also, I had gotten the Firebelly and the 4 Sabretusks from the client a few days ago and Finecast fails pretty hard. The Firebellys face is really jacked up, he basically has no eyes and there are so many holes all over the model that I need to fill. His gut pate was victim to the thin-cast I've been hearing about. The robes under the plate (and one half of the gut plate) is so thin you can see through it, making it a bitch to clean up. I told the client and hope he has e-mailed GW for his free replacement but until then I will have at him with some Greenstuff. 
As far as the Sabretusks are concerned, 2 out of the 4 came out ok. A set of them look as though when GW was finished pouring the resin they didn't wait and pulled the mold off causing one half of the model to have an extremely rough texture. I would really like to know how this happens because its been a long time since they had started this Finecast business and there is no excuse now. 
Don't get me wrong, I like the idea of Fainecast I really do. Doing away with the pewter was the best thing they could have done, but now they seem like they have absolutely no idea what their doing. How are these mess ups even getting out of the building? Is there any kind of quality control anymore?
Ok rant over haha.
Should have another update before or after Christmas which should entail completing another rank and maybe even one of the Butchers and the Tyrant.
Till next time, thank you as always for looking!


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