Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Holy crap.
It's already Valentines Day.....
Well I've been keeping busy.
At about 85-90% complete on that Ogre Commission.
What a project that has been.
Between me getting sick constantly and a change in painting techniques this has been a real trial by fire for me.
There was a time during this that I had almost said "I'm done with commissions, this isn't for me"
Well, I dashed that ideas head repeatedly against a stone wall till it died.
Being my first commission its going to be hard, I've never done anything like it before.
I came to the realization that I have to just suck it up and keep forging ahead.

I was originally hand painting the skin and it came out... ok....actually it was hideous.
Just way too harsh for skin.
So I decided to jump into airbrushing and see where that would take me.
BAM! The skin looks firkin' amazing, a bit lighter then I had wanted but by the gods does it look good.
Plus it should darken a bit when I hit them with some Purity Seal.

I'm also working on a single Raven Guard Terminator Captain for another customer.
Just a simple black with some changes to veteran colors from white to red.
Should have that knocked out by the end of this week as well.
Expect some pictures of both when I finish them.

Finally on the commission front I have in-coming a commission to paint the contents of the Assault on Black Reach Ork set.
Should be an easy job to knock out before I head to Illinois for Adepticon.
The color scheme is basically Goffs clan, so black and white.
Simple and easy.

Work on the Carcharodons has slowly begun.
Once I have the Ogre commission complete and shipped out I'll begin to assemble the ForgeWorld pieces I have and build the army.
All I have left to buy is a Drop Pod, some assault arms, Las/Plas Turrets for Razrobacks and maybe a Land Raider if I can reasonably fit it into my list.

On that note I bid you a farewell and hope you have an awesome Valentines Day.


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