Thursday, August 2, 2012

Build a Hero: Part 1, something fun

Bring it on daemon filth!

Hi my name is Kevin and I'm a  Grey Knight Grand Master.
I've always been a HUGE "fanboy" of the Grey Knights even way before Ward got his filthy claws on them and I will probably never stop loving them. 

A tear in reality is bleeding hordes of daemons onto the planets surface as a gunmetal grey Storm Raven slowly descends upon a nearby clearing.
The ramps lower, and six immense figures stomp towards the gibbering hordes.
There is no sign of hestitaion as they brace for the coming impact.
Just as the two lines meet, a blinding white light blooms from the leader of the figures. 
The battle can truly begin.

I can just picture my character wading into a sea of multi-colored daemons, blessed Nemesis Daemon Hammer rising and falling, smashing aside all before me while setting them on fire with my Incinerator. Plus it doesn't help that I'm currently reading "The Emperors Gift". Damn you Aaron Dembski Bowden!
Grand Master, Master-Crafted Nemesis Daemon Hammer, Incinerator, Blind and Rad grenades, and a trio of servo-skulls.

Ok now the entire idea behind this posting comes from a fellow blogger I follow, HERO's Gaming Blog. Choose a character from any of the 40k Codices available that best represents you and kit them out for battle (of course within the normal legal limitations).  More to come as he posts more (he has mentioned that we can actually model the character to represent us on the battlefield). Check out his blog HERE.