Monday, August 13, 2012

Hidden Surprise and Commission Update

 A hidden surprise

So the wife and I decided the other day to switch our bedroom with our "hobby" room.
The idea being that both of our hobbies needed alot more room and our bedroom is only for sleeping anyways....
Well after we finished moving, I found one of my figure cases I havent opened in a long while.
Low and behold I find Ultramarines!
I started painting a small force of Ultramarines after I played through the video game Space Marine (which I absolutely love).
I'm actually really inspired to jump back into these now that I found them.
Hope you like them as much as I do.

Finished Ultramarine

I was and still am so proud of this first finished Ultramarine I did.
I put so much detail work into him and it was the first time I tried out OSL (objective source lighting) on a model. This was also my first try at a new method for "realistic" snow bases which I still currently use and am using for the current Raven Guard commission I am working on.


Flamer conversion

Close up of snow bases

The state of the Raven Guard Commission

And here are some pics of my current commission of Raven Guard.
Trying to do something similar to the Ultramarine with OSL.
I've also been closely following the profiles in Imperial Armour Vol 8.
The customer is loving them so far (thank the Emperor).
I have to say I am so thankful for  having him as a customer, he has been so uber-patient with me on this project. If only all my customers could be like him haha.

Hope you all like what you see.
I'll be updating again sometime this week (work permitting) as part of my new "Blogging Rules" which includes forcing myself to post up progress of anything and everything I'm working on no matter what.
C&C is always welcome!